Facility Management

Constantly developing new and creative ways to cut costs, thus providing a higher level of service to our clients, Double H Realty Services has earned a reputation for being cost-efficient. Our goal is to treat each property that we are responsible for as though it were our own. This assures consistent and quality care and service.

With more than 40 buildings under management, Double H Realty Services focuses on efficiently providing the highest level of service in the manner it is expected. It is our belief that it is easier to do preventative maintenance on a property, keeping every aspect of the property in working order. This eliminates the need to replace costly and large components or building systems because they were not properly maintained. Double H is also working to improve the “green” status on all properties to help the environmental impact they have.

 Double H Realty Services is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service in all aspects of facility management.


The following are some of the services that we provide:
    * HVAC Technician - repair and replacement, preventive maintenance
    * Plumbing
    * Electrical

    * EMS - Energy Management System

    * Equipment inspections
    * Filter replacements
    * Ceiling tiles and Lighting replacements per contracts
    * 24-hour emergency service call available
    * Value engineering
    * Capital Improvement project management
    * Complete make-ready for all levels of space and housing for tenants

Sandra Anderson
Senior Property Manager
(972) 422-4515

 "The fact that I have been leasing space from the this group for 15 years makes the statement of how I feel about them as a company. The courteous and professional in-house staff is wonderful!"
- Ric Robinson, Primary Electric Company